Sandalwood & Vanilla Bar Soap

This soap is carefully handmade using The Cold Process method in small batches.

TYnatural Skincare soaps give a luxurious lather, it is blended with nourishing natural butters,oils, herbs and botanicals which are specially selected to hydrate and clean your skin. 


  • 100% Natural
  •  Cruelty-free
  • No synthetic preservatives or fragrances  
  • Chemical Free



Scented with Sandalwood & Vanilla Essential Oil


Sandalwood & Vanilla Bar Soap has an exotic blend of warm vanilla and sandalwood which makes it a perfect gift for men (but can still be used by women.)  This combination of Sandalwood and Vanilla has many benefits which comfort, soothe and uplift your mood, reduce anxiety and promote better sleep. Sandalwood is perfect for reducing inflammation as well as detoxing the skin. It also contains Vitamin C powder which reduces the appearance of dark spots caused by sun UV rays. This soap works for all skin types.



Shelf Life: 12 months 

Sandalwood & Vanilla Bar Soap

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  • Rinse your face and body with warm water, later your hands in our soap. Carefully apply to face and avoid contact with your eyes. Completely lather your body or focus solely on the areas that need treatment, then rinse your body and face and bask in the smooth sensation of your new skin routine.