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About Us

My name is Oluwatoyin and I am the Founder/Maker of TYNatural Skincare. This little dream started in 2018 when I drew my inspiration for going natural from my dear mother. I was fortunate to have experienced her groom my skin and scalp with shea butter to soften and protect them when I was younger. This memory, which perfectly explains the secret behind my healthy and supple skin, developed my passion to create natural, harm-free skincare products.


I am a Clinician by training, but I was convinced that my passion needed to thrive and be beneficial to society. I pursued my passion for exploring the wonders of nature and went for formal training in the art. Shortly after I garnered this extra professional knowledge, I started making soaps and skincare products for my family which had only natural and organic ingredients; to my greatest astonishment, I noticed visible results just after a short period of use.


My vision with TYNatural Skincare is to combine my creative and science skills to produce a line of all-natural products which are handmade with ingredients found in nature and scented exclusively with essential oils which have been certified by cosmetics assessor and create chains of products that take care of all skin concerns.


TYNatural Skincare assures you of great skin, healthy hair and inner peace with products that are not only pleasing to the eye but nourishing for all hair/ skin types.

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